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Crown Coaches offers one of Melbourne's largest wheelchair accessible charter bus fleets. Please contact our friendly charter booking officers for further information on chartering a wheelchair capable vehicle.

Crown Coaches has been providing contracted services to the Department of Education for over 40 years. We provide the daily transport requirements for over 1400 children to many Special Development Schools throughout Melbourne. These contracted services utilise 68 vehicles with varying capacities from 21 to 57 seats, all operated by an experienced driver and disability carer. The 153 drivers and disability carers are the backbone of our organisation and their individual skills and commitment to safety and service is essential to our success. 

This year has seen the addition of 23 new vehicles into our fleet which has allowed us to provide our passengers with the highest levels of safety and comfort. We are especially excited to offer our children the latest model Mercedes-Benz 1228 coaches equipped with state of the art wheel chair capabilities.

Our Education team - Bill DeCis, Geoff Farnsworth and Ray Gardner have 38 years combined experience working for Crown Coaches, and are well versed in the needs of any wheelchair transport requirements.